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The Botáni Difference

At Botáni we’re consumers just like you. We’ve heard it all from other brands out there who promise the world, yet fail to deliver. The foundations of Botáni lie in offering treatment-focused products that work. While we love that our skincare range feels and smells great on the skin, what we love even more is that they actually make a real difference to the quality and condition of your skin.

Botani Skincare

Your Skincare Stories

We’ve put together a selection of our most remarkable skin care stories below which continue to motivate and inspire the work we do. Learn how our products and philosophy helped them regain healthy, radiant skin.

May these stories be as breathtaking to you as they have been for us, and may these reassure anyone suffering from a chronic condition that there is a natural options out there.

Olive Skin Serum

My skin had much sun damage resulting in skin cancers. I had 180 spots taken off my face and my skin was left red and blistered. After 12 months my skin was completely healed. It was remarkable. There aren’t many products I’ll allow on my skin but I swear by this serum.”

Michelle K.

Phytoseptic - Natural Anti-Fungal Skin Cream

Phytoseptic Fungal Cream

Don’t just take our word for it when we say our T.G.A. listed Phytoseptic is a first aid kit essential, the following videos have been provided by Botáni consumers who have tried our products at home and can attest to their remarkable abilities.

Video Testimonials

Rescue Acne Cream

“Please never stop making the rescue acne cream! It’s the only product that has helped my breakout-prone skin since coming off the pill just over a year ago. I apply it under sunscreen and also find it helps mattify my skin throughout the day. It’s nice to know it’s…natural and Australian made.Thank you for making an excellent product.”


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Acne - Before & After
Rescue Ance Cream - Before & After
Before & After Test Results
Spirulina Salt Scrub

Spirulina Salt Scrub

“I am very impressed by your products and look forward to trying more of them. I have thus far used the body scrub, (SPIRULINA SALT SCRUB) shower gel (PhytoBody Wash), and multi-purpose balm.(Olivéne Balm) I like the fact that they are not too highly fragranced with essential oils, as these can be irritating for those of us with sensitive skin, if over-used. I really like the philosophy and the fact that they you are Australian. Thank you.”

– Natalie

Boost Balancing Moisturiser

“I feel compelled to tell you about how amazing I think your products are! I am a 28 year old female, and with the stresses of balancing work and completing a PHD, I found my skin was the first thing to suffer. My nose and cheeks became so terribly dry and red, I began to notice broken capillaries at the skin surface and my pores became noticeably enlarged. My confidence was plummeting. In an attempt to fix my skin, I tried numerous (expensive!) products, including a recommended skin care system that cost me almost $200. In came BOTANI. At my wits end, I found your product in Priceline and decided I had nothing to lose in trying it out. I purchased the Boost Balancing Moisturiser – the best $26 I have ever spent! Initially, I felt that it wasn’t as hydrating as I would have liked, but I knew that results don’t come overnight. So I persisted with the product, and within two weeks, I began to see the difference. My skin felt more hydrated, the reddening had begun to subside, and now -3 months later- my skin looks and feels completely restored! Never again will I put expensive, chemical-laden products on my delicate skin.”

– Leona

Boost Balancing Mosituriser
Opened Healing Lip Balm

Healing Lip Palm

Olivene Repair Balm

“I had to email you and tell you the success I had using the Olivene Repair Balm on my 4 1/2-month-old baby. He has very bad cradle cap but also dermatitis on his scalp. So yesterday I found my tub of Olivene Repair Balm and within 24 hours the results are amazing I have attached a before and after photo just so you can see how well your product has worked. Thanks for creating such an amazing skincare range!

– Jessica Haley

Natural Barrier Balm