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Olive Skin Serum

(40 customer reviews)


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Olive Skin Serum is your daily essential all-natural active moisturiser, antioxidant and cell rejuvenator. This face serum is totally free from mineral oils and silicones and is vegan certified. Help shield your skin with nature’s smart serum and reclaim your skin’s natural glow.

Olive Skin Serum delivers an instant dose of hydration and nourishment that is clinically proven to combat many skin issues from dehydration, to wrinkles, dull complexions, scars and pigmentation.

This multitasking serum contains the plant-active Olive Squalene, which resembles the in-built moisturiser and skin protector “squalene”, that we all produce naturally in our skin.

It’s essential to replenish your squalene levels daily to achieve optimum healthy skin.

Ideal for all skin types including sensitive and atopic.

Available in 15ml



Olive Skin Serum contains 99.7% of plant-derived olive squalene with the added benefits of Natural Vitamin E and Vitamin C ester.  Most importantly these ingredients work to maximise the healing and anti-aging benefits of this product. It is a skin-loving serum that penetrates quickly and as a result, leaves your skin soft and silky.

Silicone oils are petrochemicals and are found in many commercial skin and hair products but at Botani we don’t use any silicones or mineral oils in any of our products.  So what are silicone oils? Silicone oil is like plastic wrap, it forms a barrier on top of your skin giving you the allusion of smoothness but this is only a short-term fix!

That barrier can lock in moisture, yes, but it can also trap dirt, sweat, bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells along with it!  Over time your skin starts to become dull, dehydrated, and congested. By using plant-derived oils like olive squalene you’re allowing your skin to breathe when at the same time providing maximum hydration and suppleness.

Olive Skin Serum is clinically proven to increase and seal moisture levels in the skin within 24 hours; learn why Olive Squalene is as vital to the skin as water is to life here.

Why Olive Skin Serum Is One Of The Best Natural Serums

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate hydration; it plumps the skin naturally
  • Long-lasting hydration keeps skin smooth and supple
  • Reduces the appearance of scars, age spots and pigmentation
  • Softens and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clinically proven to reduce redness and irritations
  • Clinically proven to lighten the skin
  • Illuminates the skin with a stunning radiance and evens out skin tone
  • Treats skin conditions, such as Eczema, Psoriasis & Rosacea
  • Ideal to use as a natural primer under makeup
  • Vegan certified
  • Free from silicones and mineral oils
Clinical results for Olive Skin Serum
  • 75% reported an immediate feeling of hydration*71% found it smoothed fine lines*63% found it smoothed wrinkles*79% reported an improvement in long term hydration*
  • 63% found that it reduced pigmentation and age spots*
  • 44% said it reduced the appearance of acne scars*
  • 100% of testers (in skin compatibility testing) reported no irritations or allergic reactions; therefore non-irritating and suitable for atopic and sensitive skin.*

*n vivo clinical tests were conducted by a highly regarded third party European laboratory (J.S. Hamilton International Sp. Z o.o., 2016)


Dampen skin with water or Botani’s Soothing Facial Mist.

Immediately apply in a pressing motion 3 – 4 drops all over the face and neck.

It can be used interchangeably with Acai Berry Active Antioxidant Serum.

Use: morning & night


Additional information

Weight 0.055 kg
Dimensions 3 × 5.8 × 9.5 cm


Squalene (Olive) 99.7%, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E) 0.1%, Lecithin 0.1%, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C) 0.1%

40 reviews for Olive Skin Serum

  1. laurelynscicluna

    I’ve been using this oil for the past 4-5 years when I came across it in Priceline. I have dry skin prone to eczema breakouts which means that my skin is highly sensitive to products that use a lot of artificial ingredients or perfumed products. I have absolutely fallen in love with this oil. I love using this oil in preparing to wear makeup as my skin used to struggle to remain and look hydrated with makeup on. Now I always have such a natural glow with my makeup routine. It’s honestly one of my favourite products!!

  2. viv

    Great product to use in winter, doesn’t feel greasy and my skin stays hydrated all day.

  3. sarah

    Absolutely love this product, so much I bought my mum some the following week! Its light and so nourishing.

  4. krissy carter

    This product is incredible! I have never had so many compliments on my skin! It has reduced fine lines, kept my skin hydrated and glowing. I wear it under my makeup to keep my foundation smooth and I wear it before bed every night after my cleansing regime. I cannot recommend this product enough. There is absolutely a reason every review is the same, it works!

  5. Susi79

    AMAZING!!! I LOVE THE OLIVE SKIN SERUM!!! I use it day & night and it has definitely improved my skin. This lightweight serum leaves my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. It even reduced my fine lines. Highly recommend this serum!

  6. Jessica Hollingsworth

    I’m loving this product so much for my acne scars! It seems to really help get rid of them without further stimulating the skin. I wish it came in a larger size! Definitely recommend!!

  7. [email protected]

    I ❤️ Olive Skin Serum! Protect my sensitive skin, I use it day & nite, reduce uneven skin tone dan acne scar! Perfectttt skin serum

  8. Inga

    I really love this product. Even my husband, who has very sensitive skin uses it twice a week. It makes visible difference and we both enjoying its elegant and delicate smell.

  9. Nic Makim

    Hi Mel, Excellent! Totally love hearing your thoughts. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Mel

    I use this daily and it has really helped keep my skin hydrated and has not given me any blemishes, which is great as I am prone to blemishes.

  11. [email protected]

    Such a great serum i am using it everyday now.
    Only need 2 drops after toner and you can feel that your skin is more supple, reduce the size of the pores and the glow on your skin will come back. Skin feels immediately more hydrated.

  12. Rigel

    best product ever

  13. aly

    Amazing product, has so many purposes!

  14. Marya

    Best beauty product I have owned! Does everything from hydarting the skin to reducing fine lines! Does everything it’s set out to do for your skin. Worth the price

  15. Annmaree Pearce

    Of particular importance to menopausal skin. Put a few drops into a spritz…use under and over makeup. Very hydrating for all skin types-especially hormonal skin.

  16. Tram Duong

    Hi there, I am VietNamese. When I wanted to find organic cosmetic on internet, I found Botani website. I read all products on Botani website and saw that “Olive Skin Serum” with high evaluation. I ordered this product and was shipped to HCMC. I found the effective from the first time I used. My face skin got softly, whiten. I love this product. And I am going to buy more to use, also buy for amy mum and my aunt to use. Thanks Bontani

  17. June

    This serum is absolutely amazing! At first I was worried about putting oil on my face, but it is actually light weight and absorb really quickly with massage. Face feel really soft overnight and very moisturising. Highly recommended!!

  18. Caris

    Best serum I’ve ever used hands down! I’ve spent years trying to find skin products that my sensitive/combination skin would love and after finding this serum a few years ago I haven’t looked back! Rose hip oil would always make me break out and others were too greasy but this soaks right in and i remember noticing the difference immediately. I use it morning and nigh, can’t live without it. Ahhmazing!

  19. Mai

    This serum is amazing, it keeps my skin so hydrated! I have extremely dry and sensitive skin that is prone to eczema and this product is my life saver.

  20. Betty

    I absolutely love the olive skin serum. I have been using it for years and it makes my face smooth and soft. The vitamin c in the olive serum helps with preventing and reducing wrinkles
    Love it!

  21. Jill

    I totally can’t live without this serum. I have used up 10 bottles already and I will keep using it as my daily skin supplement. Botani’s squalene is doing true hydration on my skin and it is easily absorbed. I recommended it to many of my friends, some of them believed the magic of squalene while some don’t just because they don’t know the mechanism behind the work of squalene.
    anyways, good invention. love it!

  22. Kylie

    I truly love this product! Honestly, the best thing I’ve used in years! Excellent.

  23. K.K.

    I would give a 100% rating for this product. The serum not only hydrated and nourished my skin but also helped in removing tan.

    K.K. Mani, New Delhi, India

  24. Joy

    Just after one use as an overnight serum I felt a very big change in my skin, it was more hydrated, plumper and smoother, I’ve never seen such immediate results after one use! I use it now every night and this is now a staple in my beauty regime. Would not hesitate to purchase this again

  25. Jay

    Amazing product – love it.

  26. Nadine Hill

    I have been using this Olive Skin Serum for a few weeks now and am happy to give it a big thumbs up! Firstly, the dropper bottle is fabulous – it’s easy to use and lets me measure out exactly how much I need with no wastage. Secondly, I love how light it is, and how quickly and deeply it absorbs into my skin. The first time I used this product, I immediately noticed the instant hydration effect it had and how it left my skin feeling velvety smooth. It has certainly improved my skin tone, giving me a natural glow and the super hydration has returned the freshness and suppleness that has somewhat diminished with age. 100% natural, a subtle scent and its feather-light application make this liquid gold moisturising serum a winner in my books for smooth, silky and radiant skin!

  27. Lisa Pham

    Absolutely loved this product! Really is a miracle serum – it worked wonders in keeping my skin from drying out in patches due to the cold weather, worked well on existing stretch marks and scars. My mum has also been using this on her wrinkles and she has noticed a reduction in them! It really is amazing! Thanks Team Botani for your wonderful/miracle product!

  28. Sandra

    Oh mygoodness! Everyone has to use this product! My skin has felt hydrated since the morning after I started using it! The little dehydration lines i had are now gone. My skin is literally glowing. And i was shocked at how non greasy it is!! No need to sit there waiting for it to soak in like i used to have to do with rosehip oil!

  29. Lauren

    I really love this product and would recommend it to others. It adequately moisturises and hydrates my skin without leaving it feeling greasy or oily. My husband and son also have dry skin and it helps with rehydrating their skin too.

  30. Emma

    I was so very happy when I got the results as predicted by the product. Some of my fine line have dissipated. The small splodge of eczema that was on my face disappeared completely, hopefully never to be seen again… What made me the happiest is how soft my skin feels now, without feeling oily. I followed the instruction on the packet and wash my face but left in a bit damp and the serum just soaked right in. Although I have been being sneaky at night and mix 2 drops in with my moisturiser to make it go further.

    Also used on my sister hand when she had very bad seasonal eczema, and it gave her much relief.

  31. Chris

    i could go on and list all the benefits Olive Skin Serum delivers… But instead i’ll say; Olive Skin Serum is Liquid Love for your Skin!

  32. linda clark

    This is what i use as my night cream. As i find that for me it works really well. I think that since i have been using this I can see the results. I have noticed less wrinkles and the fine lines have certainly lessened, which make me a happy Botani’ user. Who is very happy with the results I get for your amazing products.

  33. james longmore

    what a great serum works great around the eyes for fine line and seems the make the skin behave younger I allways use this serum after my retin a cream

  34. Andrea

    Have been using the serum together with the Botani cleanser and before the Botani moisturizer and absolutely loving the results. Just a few drops are enough to cover the entire face. Apply it when still damp from cleansing and you can feel the difference immediately.
    My whole face felt so much softer and more radiant. As its non greasy its perfect for acne prone skin and works beautifully under makeup.
    Love the glass bottle with the dropper which helps you dispense just the right amount. Does not flare up any existing acne and helps smooth fine lines and acne scars. Its very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin types as well.

  35. Jasmine Eastwood

    I love this serum, I have combination skin and this doesn’t feel greasy at all. It absorbs effortlessly into the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated, smooth and even softened my fine lines!

  36. Kerry-anne Doughty

    This is the only product that is gentle enough to use on an unsightly keloid scar that I have on my chest wall. This oil hasn’t irritated the scar, and has softened it, and helped to decrease it’s appearance. It’s wonderful, and thanks to Botani, I’m no longer so embarrassed by the scar.

  37. Lee Chu Kwan

    An Amazing product to reduce fine lines and glowing the skin. Highly recommended to whose people suffering form dryness, sensitivity, dehydration, and problematic skin like enlarged skin pores! I love it!

  38. Lee Chu Kwan

    This lightweight Oliver serum is very easy to penetrate into my skin, giving me a firmness result and reducing some fine lines on the neck and eye area. I love it so much! It becomes a crucial element in my everyday skin care routine

  39. Cris

    I LOVE this product! It smells great, isn’t oily to apply and leaves my skin feeling really soft. I have quite dry skin overall but an oily T-Zone and i find this product is moisturising to both skin types. Highly recommend!

  40. Ilona

    I love the Olive Skin Serum! It has been part of my nightly beauty routine for over a year and it has kept my skin hydrated and happy! I’ve used Rose Hip Oil in the past but much prefer the olive serum as it doesn’t take my skin as long to absorb. And also as its clear in colour it doesn’t stain my pillow case like the Rose Hip Oil did! Would highly recommend Botani!

  41. Ali

    This product has becmoe a staple in my skin care regimen! It leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth and the results were noticeable after only a few days. I tried Regenerist as well, and honestly, it’s a waste of money. This product is gentle enough for around the eyes and does a much better job. I had problems for years with white bumps around my eyes before I started using this product, and they have all cleared up and not returned. It’s a tad bit sticky at first, but not bad enough to re-wash my face, and I’m very particular about anything greasy or sticky on my skin. Well worth a try. Great price, great product. A real winner!

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